Wood County Engineer

Office Services & Public Records

The following public records are available at Morrow County Engineer's Office unless otherwise specified.

Record Availability
Tax Maps Current
Aerial Photos 1939,1964,1972,1982,1988-1990
Recent Aerial Photos 2006 (interactive map)
Original Public Land Surveys Ohio Land Grants
(Congress Lands 1819, Congress Lands 1799-1804, U.S. Military District 1796-1802)
Property Boundary Surveys 1800 to Present
Subdivision Plats Available
Bridge Plans Selective
Railroad Plans Available
Road Maps Available

Engineering for County and Township Projects

  • Planning and cost estimating
  • Road and pavement design
  • Bridge and culvert design
  • Traffic engineering and design
  • Drainage design - both open and enclosed channel flow
  • Surveying right-of-way location and misc. projects for the township trustees

Construction and Inspection

  • Administration of all capital improvement contracts, including bridge, roadway, intersection construction and the annual pavement resurfacing program
  • Inspection, measurement, and documentation of all pay items
  • Certifies adherence to specifications and plans
  • Prepares documentation for partial and final payments to all contractors
  • Right-of-way and property acquisition for public projects
  • Utility coordination and relocation - gas and water lines, telephone and electric conduit, television, cable, and sanitary sewers
  • Reviews and issues driveway culvert permits
  • Coordinates annual bridge field inspection as required by the Ohio Revised Code

Operations and Maintenance

  • Road and Bridge Maintenance - Culvert repair and installation, pothole patching, bridge repair, berm work, guardrail repair, mowing, snow and ice control
  • Drainage Maintenance - Cleaning and debrushing of all waster courses under the county maintenance program. Maintained by the ditch maintenance committee for each ditch under supervision of the county engineer
  • Emergency Maintenance - Storm damage, downed trees, high water and flooding problems, and debris removal
  • Traffic Operations - Maintenance of traffic signs and collection of traffic data throughout the county
  • Fleet Maintenance - Maintenance and upgrade of on-road and off-road vehicles and construction equipment

Private Sector Services

  • Engineering review for Morrow County Regional Planning Commission of new subdivisions, both residential and commercial
  • Engineering review for townships of new subdivisions, both residential and commercial
  • Inspects construction of new subdivision streets, storm sewers, storm water management systems, road and bridge design, soil and erosion control measures, and traffic control to insure compliance with county standards
  • Engineering review for annexations

Tax Maps

  • Keeps tax plats of all land in the county by Engineers parcel number and owner's name
  • Checks survey plats for compliance with conveyance standards

Administration and Finance

  • Records - Permanent copies of numerous road and bridge plans, maps, aerial photos, benchmarks, and land survey records (available on file in the Engineer's Office)
  • Budgets - Management of annual budget, including anticipation of fiscal needs and assessment of revenue availability in order to balance spending while developing schedule of infrastructure projects

Public Information

  • Coordination of project and construction information, media relations, and management of this website
  • Development of Annual Report and Official Morrow County Map